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About Me


Passionate About Inspiring Others

Simone Farschi is a sex and Intimacy coach women with men, women, groups and couples in California’s Bay Area and throughout the world. She graduated from the Somatica Core Training, is a certified Life Coach, and received a BA from the University of California Santa Cruz. Simone is also trained in yoga, massage, leading empowerment circles, meditation, and visualization exercises, and is working to become a Certified Sexological Bodyworker.


Simone has always felt drawn to the exploration of sensuality. As she developed her own sexual being throughout her life, it’s been with an awareness and search for healthy intimacy. While it wasn’t always found in her early relationships, she focused on the lessons, eventually building her life’s work around her calling. Through experience & study, Simone has cultivated a space that unearths what intimacy means to you. Whether it is discovering desires, dissecting what blocks a fulfilled path, or learning new ways of communicating, Simone meets you in whatever territory it is that brought you to this work, and guides you through. Together as a team, you will open the doors that have been long shut inside, or never approached, and learn new languages of trust, sovereignty, sexuality. You will be brave. You will discover the capacity you have for connection and closeness. 

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