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Sex and Intimacy Coaching

Sex and intimacy coaching aids you in accessing your sexual desires, supporting you with the necessary tools to acknowledge and voice your needs to fundamentally improve your personal relationships, both with yourself and your partner(s). 


Coaching creates space for honesty through utilizing guided modalities that dig deep into the mind-body connection, including, but not limited to, breathwork, yoga, touch, and communication exercises. 


The goal of sex and intimacy coaching is centered on synergizing your physical, mental, and emotional pathways to be more in-flow, so you can comfortably unpack sexual challenges and better engage with your desires and relationships.


Sex and intimacy coaching is all-inclusive, offering services to women, men, non-binary individuals, and couples.

Somatica Method Approach

Simone uses the powerful Somatica® Method, which provides a holistic, systemic, and 

intersectional approach, equipping individuals with effective tools to better clarify their desires and needs, communicate their boundaries, and experience more joy in intimacy. The Somatica® Method addresses how to move past shame by incorporating instructive practices in a safe and comfortable space.

About me 

Simone Farschi is a sex and intimacy coach serving women, men, non-binary individuals, and couples in the Bay Area in California and throughout the world. A certified life coach, Simone received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and continued her studies in yoga, meditation, and visualization in therapy. A trained Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic practitioner.


Simone is also Founder of The Pleasure Plus, an online community and courses for women. 


My Commitment

Communication. Exploration. Healing.

My life’s work is to help create deeper intimacy through communication, integrative connection, and honest engagement. It is my commitment to craft a safe, supportive, and intentional space for conversation and exploration. Through deep inner work, this renewed awareness we cultivate together will foster a more sexually-fulfilled, sex-positive life. My mission is to engage in an honest examination of the patterns and past experiences that hinder you and work toward sensitively transmuting ongoing narratives that no longer serve you into realized empowerment. I aim to help you build new confidence, open new pathways to pleasure, deepen your inner connection, and unleash more meaningful intimacy in all aspects of your life.

Common Questions

What is sex and relationship coaching?

Sex and relationship coaching seeks to improve your intimacy through communication by examining the unique challenges you face and the needs you wish to fulfill. Much like an athletic coach, I will be by your side to provide you with the resources and practices to attain the specific type of connection you want. We navigate it all together.


Does sex and intimacy coaching involve engaging in sexual practices??

Nope. Depending on each individual’s needs, we may explore experiential exercises that can include touch. However, these educational exercises primarily focus on the ways in which you can put the active mind on pause to better connect with your body.


I’m not in your area. Can we still work together?

Yes! I offer Zoom, Face Time and Online Courses.


The mind is home to unaddressed, oftentimes unconscious trauma, patterns, and blocks. Acknowledge your past experiences and learned patterns of behavior regarding arousal, sexuality, and intimacy. Learn to disengage from negative thought patterns to overcome sexual frustrations, challenges, and insecurities.


Learn to effectively communicate. Address what you want and need, and receive the tools to share those discoveries with your partner. Gain confidence in validating your desires to improve your relationships long term.


Allow both pain and love a room of their own. Learn how to cultivate vulnerability and see it as power. Let people in. Let people go. Learn your boundaries. Reignite deep connections.



Connect with your sensuality and the power of physical touch. Reinvigorate the love and passion in your life. Feel at home with your body and root center.

Specifically, what can coaching help me address?

  • Low or no sexual desire

  • Difficulty experiencing orgasm
    (with or without a partner)

  • Painful sex

  • Body Image concerns

  • Social dating skills

  • Distance dating 

  • Desire for enhanced pleasure

  • Low or no sexual desire

  • Early or rapid ejaculation

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Delayed ejaculation or orgasm

  • Post Pardum Sex and Arousal

  • Scar Tissue Remediation 

  • Internalized blocks to sex and intimacy

  • Open/ Honest Relationship Design 

How do I know if I need

sex coaching or sex therapy?

I offer a FREE 15-minute consultation call via phone, Skype, or Zoom so you can find out if I’m the right fit for you and how I would approach addressing your concerns. Use the booking form below to reserve a spot for your FREE 15-minute consultation or a full, paid session!

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What People are Saying


Simone is a delight for the senses and her sessions are a masterful experience not to be missed. Her thoughtful dedication to the healing arts combined with a natural presence instantly provides a pure safe space to reconnect (heal). Some people are just born with a heart for the healing arts, it's that simple. As someone unfamiliar with Somatica, Simone patiently guided me through my questions and set my body and mind at ease. Lasting well beyond the session, I felt a sense of lightness, confidence, and something akin to every cell buzzing with love. I believe it would be near impossible to find a practitioner as good as Simone if one were to search the world over. Thank you Simone, you are truly a gift to the planet and speaking as someone familiar with the healing arts your exceptional abilities are unmatched


Any words I write are unable to express how grateful I am that Simone entered my life. Despite being 1000 of kilometers away, she connects deeply with me and guides me through my winding intimacy journey. In person, she held me in her eyes, her hands, her heart with loving caring intuition. 


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